Awesome performance of “Stone Soup” - we all loved it and Addy had a blast! She's been to three different camps so far this summer and I asked her which one did she like best so far and she said "Theatre Camp"!!! Thanks for all your hard work in training and working with these children

Cindy B

Raleigh ACT has given my daughter the confidence to be seen and to be heard. Blaire and her team are extremely professional and always have her kids best interest as a priority. I am happy to say that my daughter auditioned for a lead part in her school play, and got it!

Tina S. from Raleigh

Blaire is fantastic with the children! She possesses great patience with all the different levels of ability while at the same time brings professionalism and a great work ethic to each class. Our boys have LOVED being in class with Blaire and have learned so much from the theatre games that they have played with the other students. Her energy motivates and inspires our boys to go beyond their comfort level. Parents check out Raleigh ACT and understand that your child does not have to be ready for "the stage" to participate. This is an experience that goes far beyond a simple develops the child's self-confidence, social skills, self and voice expression and much more! Thank you, Blaire for being such a wonderful teacher!

Karen C. from Raleigh

I love Raleigh ACT- it's so much fun! Ms. Blaire is the best teacher; she makes it fun!

Ethan (age 9)

"My child has been a regular student at Raleigh ACT and loves it! He gets a lot out of the classes and enjoys being part of the group and performing. Blaire has a way of matching each child with a role that the children want to perform, but that also highlights their skills and personality. The children and staff all work together and the shows they put on are great!"

Kara K. from Raleigh

I cannot say enough good things about Raleigh ACT. Several times, I opted to stay and watch the children rehearse, and the amazing patience and grace that Blaire exhibits with them is amazing. My son has really developed a love for music and theatre by working with Blaire. It is great to have a teacher who is willing to answer questions and show true compassion about her students. The talent that Blaire is able to bring forth from these children is outstanding.
While I did stay for several practice sessions, I also felt VERY comfortable leaving my child at the facility during class, knowing that he was in very capable hands. My son looks forward to the next session, and I look forward to watching him grow as an actor. I can't thank Blaire and the staff of Raleigh ACT enough.

Robin Parrish

“Thank you so much for starting your business Raleigh ACT. This opportunity has given my son so much more confidence in his acting ability thanks to your professionalism and more importantly … your patience. With my son being ADHD you have been a true blessing for him and he is staying more focused thanks to your ability and the fun atmosphere you have created at Raleigh ACT. I will refer everyone that I come in contact with and tell them what a classy organization you are building.”


"This has been an all around wonderful experience for my two girls! Voice, acting, and dance training delivered by a seasoned professional while the kids have fun! The flexibility and encouragement delivered by the Raleigh ACT staff makes this a perfect developmental activity for very young children up to the pre-adolescent years. Confidence-building and positive reinforcement is what it's all about. What the kids are able to learn in a short period of time is simply amazing."


Miss Blaire makes every child feel important. Our 5 year old has become noticeably more confident and assured of herself as her Raleigh ACT class has progressed. She has been challenged and stretched all within the safe confines of Miss Blaire's constant encouragement and assurance. We are very grateful for how this class has impacted her belief in herself in a number of other arenas and we look forward to working with Miss Blaire again.


We were hesitant to enroll our two boys in a new school, but quickly felt comfortable and glad of our decision. The staff at Raleigh ACT is immensely supportive, quick with a smile and always open to answer questions and provide assurances. Blaire has a passion, excitement and love for her work that is visible and contagious to the children. She has the ability to share her gifts patiently and lovingly while bringing out the ‘inner performer’ of each child. I have seen the children in her class become more confident in their abilities with her encouragement and praise. The class structure enables the children to have fun learning dance, theatre, singing and even teamwork in a non-competitive, gender-neutral, safe atmosphere; all while rehearsing for a culmination performance! The kids are proud and delighted to be a part of the show and excited to share what they’ve learned for their family and friends to enjoy. We are happy that our boys have found a place to blossom their artistic talents.

Sheila & Roger

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